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been awhile since i made a blog i think... so here goes. today i went shopping. i first visited my sister at her new office…
Melanie Marie
Melanie Marie Jun 23, 2011


my week went by pretty fast. TWAS A BLUR!! I made some clothes for summer so that's good. I'm gonna go watch conan... pics: Monday- 1. wearing…
Melanie Marie
Melanie Marie May 10, 2011


I had a decent week. thursday and friday sucked though. I am suchhh a paranoid person sometimes, it's annoying. Monday- 1. $75 does not go far…
Melanie Marie
Melanie Marie May 02, 2011


My week was just.. blah.. not good. it started out pretty average. on tuesday i got some GOOD news!! i got a job at cozy…
Melanie Marie
Melanie Marie Apr 25, 2011


Hey guyz. how was your week? mine was alright. it went by pretty slowly. but then again what I consider a slow week lately is…
Melanie Marie
Melanie Marie Apr 18, 2011
Barely Breathingvid

Barely Breathing

blast from the past! hah I don't know what is it about this song... but I absolutely love it. it isn't the most typical thing…
Melanie Marie
Melanie Marie Apr 14, 2011


My week went by super quick. it was a pretty good one. I thorougly enjoyed going to Milwaukee, running around different parks at night, and…
Melanie Marie
Melanie Marie Apr 11, 2011
whatchu see is whatchu get.pic


My week in photos. It was generally a pretty boring week off... whatever. I needed it so I'm content. :) I'm happy right now watching…
Melanie Marie
Melanie Marie Apr 04, 2011
Melanie Marie
Melanie Marie Apr 01, 2011

3/21/2011- 3/27/2011

this week was pretty stressful but also very boring. I'm glad that it's the weekend and I'm off because it's BREAK so I'm ready for…
Melanie Marie
Melanie Marie Mar 27, 2011

3/7/11- 3/13/11

so how was your week? what did you do? Mine equaled... Monday- 1. Yoga in my room listening to my Fiona Apple CD. Tuesday- 1. Captain Crunch…
Melanie Marie
Melanie Marie Mar 13, 2011
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I'm Mel. I love photography and music.


photography, zooey deschanel

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beastie boys, warped tour

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the hard times of rj berger

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